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Sunday, March 26, 2006
Extreme Landings

Drat. Would you just believe it. At exactly 12:45pm today, right in the middle of a glorious moment of grandstanding, a malevolent Maya bird out on a Top Gun mission decided to drop a missile directly onto the top of my head...and. did. not. miss. It happened on church grounds right after my praise & worship training session. I was talking to a churchmate and fellow trainee about my vast knowledge of vocal technique (which I would happily share with her, of course!) when plop! was bombs away over Hiroshima all over again.

Ok, GOD--You can stop laughing now. I can take a hint.
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Friday, March 24, 2006
'Nuff Sed
cartoon from
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Thursday, March 23, 2006
My new look! Like it? Broken pencils + crazy doodles = writer's block. Story of my life.
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Friday, March 10, 2006
Gone Fishin'
Atty. Glenn Avecilla Nuyda
1925 - 2002

It's been four years and four days since my Papa left us. I remember that day very well. I passed by Papa's room the night before to say hello and saw, to my shock, a shrunken and emaciated old man on the bed where my energetic, vibrant father used to be. The physical transformation had happened almost overnight, even as his condition had been deteriorating for weeks. I choked on my hello, knowing in an instant that he wouldn't be with us much longer. I ran to my room weeping and praying very hard to God, asking Him to embrace my father very tightly in his last hours.

It was very hard to see him like that, looking small and defeated by those ravenous cancer cells. My Papa had lived BIG. He climbed mountains and sailed the deep seas--as much in pursuit of elusive dreams as he did barracudas and butterflies. He loved family, and revelled in the fact that he had produced 6 children and 12 grandchildren (now 14 and counting). He loved food, and cooked better than anyone in his household. Fresh lapu-lapu, bilaos filled with giant prawns baked in chili sauce, salted ham and lechon karaha (the saltier, the better!) were his ultimate favorites. By no means a gourmet, he nevertheless knew a good plate of laing when he saw one. And how he loved knowledge! Perhaps the most intelligent man I had ever known, my Papa knew world history like the back of his hand. A bar top-notcher, he could stand in front of any audience and speak with poetry and eloquence--just from the top of his head! He had a loud, booming voice that never really needed the aid of a microphone. My love of drama and music came from him. I appreciate great minds and talent--from Ayn Rand to Bing Crosby--because of his influence.

Which was why the sight of him wasting away before my very eyes was very difficult for me--the youngest and most sheltered daughter--at the time. But my sadness was very cerebral, and no one could have guessed how much I had already been grieving even before his actual passing.

Anyway, I had an errand the next morning, a trip to the supermarket to buy supplies for a photo shoot Peachy and I had to supervise the next day. At around 9am, I said a quick goodbye to Papa, who barely looked at me--I'd like to think he was just too deep in conversation with his heavenly guides by then to take notice of anything around him--then I jumped into my car and drove off. As disturbed as I was by his appearance, I still didn't think that that would be the goodbye. So unceremonial was it, so off-handed. I had still fully expected to see Papa when I got back after an hour.

In the supermarket, as we were piling loaves of bread into our cart, my cellphone suddenly slipped from my hand and fell crashing to the floor. I remember thinking, how did that happen? I had a pretty good grip on my phone. I bent down to pick it up and saw that the cover had broken apart.

Later on, at the parking lot, Peachy and I said our goodbyes as we both drove off in separate cars. I had just pulled out of the lot when my phone buzzed. A message had just come in. I didn't want to read it at first. I felt that it might be the message I had been dreading for weeks. And it was. It was from my brother Jojo, and all it said was: Papa's gone.

The ten or so minutes of that drive home were very surreal. It was as if all my nerve endings had been suspended in mid-air and there was only silence around me. . .and numbness. I said one last goodbye to Papa there in the car and drove on, staring at the morning sky all the way home.
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Monday, March 06, 2006
Fab Find

One of my not-so-secret guilty pleasures is pigging out on chips and soda in front of the TV watching old movie musicals like my all-time fave, "Singin' In The Rain". A joy to watch from beginning to end, this 50s classic stars Gene Kelly (as silent movie star Don Lockwood), Donald O'Conner (as Cosmo Brown, Don's buddy and dynamite dancing sidekick! Look out for the fabulous "Moses Supposes" number), Debbie Reynolds (as Don's love interest Cathy Selden) and, my personal favorite-- Jean Hagen (as Lina Lamont, the other half of the Lockwood-and-Lamont superstar screen loveteam).

Set in the 20s, towards the end of the silent movie era, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont were the loveteam to beat. Until the pioneering film "The Jazz Singer" blew the silent era to smithereens, that is. With the advent of "talkies", the world of movie-making was changed forever. Now the stars had to talk! Worse, they had to sing, too. While this didn't pose a problem for Don Lockwood, who had a tolerable voice, Lina Lamont was a different story altogether. So they bring in singer Cathy Selden to dub Lina's absolutely horrendous voice, with hilarious results. A very funny movie, with fabulous song and dance sequences (take special note of the Broadway Melody ballet with the timeless Cyd Charisse and her endless legs), I can literally watch this movie over and over again, and I have.

Cut to two nights ago, when I chanced upon a Chinese release of the DVD at a tiangge. An original copy and a real find--except for this side-splitting synopsis at the back, which went:

Lamen and Loke are silent movie actress. Audiences think they are a very good silver screen lovers. Along with the talking film rise, He sink intoed the enormous predicament. Although she owns a beautiful face and round body, she says like miaowing. While taking talkie, she is very embarassed. Loke introduces Cathy to join the film producer troops. She becomes Lamen's dub the actor. In the process of get along withing, Loke has loved Cathy. Because his right and wrong is often proud, people didn't like him. Cathy become a star who is liked by people. She get married Loke.

Ah...enormous predicament, indeed! Couldn't have said it better myself! Of course, in all my years of watching this film, I don't recall any Norse gods or people making feline sounds, but hey--now I love this movie even more. Haha. Bring out the chips!
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Friday, March 03, 2006
Word Cloud
Got this idea from Ribbiticus. She found this great site that creates word clouds out of random words from your blog, and can even print it out on a t-shirt for you. This is what my word cloud picked up. Pretty accurate portrait, don't you think? Would love to have the shirt now!

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Home Improvement
To my thousands of loyal readers, I deeply apologize. Been a while since my last blog. I haven't been lazy. On the contrary, I have been flexing my non-existent muscles for a month now--sorting, gathering, packing, folding, lifting, pushing, pulling, shoving, cleaning, scrubbing, and then unpacking, unfolding, hanging, and then cleaning, scrubbing, gathering and sorting some more--as I finally bid goodbye to that tiny shoebox I called home for the past two years to move into Rein's and my new home in BF Homes, Parañaque.

It's been a herculean task, to be sure--a major development in our lives which, I hope, will prepare, teach and hone us further in our new lives as husband and wife. It hasn't been easy. We've had more tiffs and rows in this new house than I would care to count. But since we have claimed and declared that wonderful things will come from living here, I am confident that our best days are yet to come.

My entire focus this past month has been settling in and adjusting to our new environment and new schedules. Aside from keeping house and planning meals, I still have to accomplish writing jobs and attend rehearsals and do shows. Everything else has had to take a back seat. Gimmicks with friends, badminton games and other leisurely pursuits will have to wait for now. Rein has his high-pressure job and I am mostly just exhausted at the end of each day, which makes weekends sacred to us. Except for church meetings, Saturdays and Sundays are devoted to catching up, and sharing errands and housework. Oh, and the occasional dinner and movie "date", of course. Musn't neglect that part! As a result, I have missed important gatherings and even declined my very first nomination into the Trumpets board. And since I couldn't attend any of the Trumpets general assemblies, I lost my right to vote my for chosen candidates! Very, very frustrating turn of events, indeed.

But, at the end of the day, I am extremely grateful to Papa God for giving us this new home. There's nothing like waking up each morning knowing that you are the mistress of your own castle, and that every fork and chair and can of sardines is your very own; that the floor you sweep and the garbage you segregate are your own piles of dust and trash; that the plants you're watering were bought and arranged by your own two hands. I even toss and turn each night, wonderfully irritated by the noise being made by my own creaking door! Haha. The wind makes that door creak every ten seconds, and even makes it sound as if someone from outside is trying to get in--and it freaks me out like you can't imagine--but hey, at least its my own crazy door and my own nightly cause of insomnia!

I am grateful to be learning new things everday--things that I know are meant to teach us how to do this marriage-thing right. I'm pretty sure that once we've passed certain heavenly tests, we will be allowed to move on to the next level: parenthood!

It's all good.
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