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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
best friend
never stop the lovin'
till it ends
so near yet so far
makes me kind of wish
i had a real fast car
so i can drive
to where you are

(my first blog "blind words" Peachy's blind contour drawings, i sometimes like to stretch and develop my poetry and songwriting skills a bit by putting pen to paper, and without thinking a single thought, just writing down whatever instantly comes to mind....)
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Monday, November 21, 2005
Mig the Man
Had the good fortune to have been part of the Philippine Ad Congress opening presentation held at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu last November 17. Was all decked out in a full-blown Maria Clara costume, which I loved and didn't want to take off, ever. . .

The star performers were, of course, none other than Lea Salonga and Mig Ayesa. To those who have been living under a rock all this time (like me!), Mig Ayesa was that Philippine-born Aussie contender in the reality show Rockstar INXS. He placed third overall, but was definitely a hands-down winner in his Pinoy fans' hearts. Well, folks, truth to tell, I had never heard of the man until our fateful (not!) first meeting during band rehearsal in Manila, under the able baton of Gerard Salonga himself. Tito Freddie introduced us, and though Mig had to get to work right away, he said we'd have more time to interact once we got to Cebu. Well, thems waren't empty words, pardner. . .with my trusty camera/video cellphone in hand, I gave in to my two, insistent -- nay, rabid -- fan girl friends' (Me-an and Peachy) demands and started clicking away almost the whole time we spent around Mig in Cebu. Got pics and videos galore and learned what it's like to be Penny Lane from "Almost Famous". Let me share some pics from our trip . . .

Oops. . .totally forgot to take photos of Lea! I have videos, though. She sang this beautiful, disney-esque song called "No Sky Too High", which happened to be written by Tito Freddie. It's the theme song from an animated film called "Tugger", about a jeepney that wants to fly. This is not just any animated film, mind you. . .it's the first all-Pinoy made animated feature to be released in Hollywood. Apparently all those ex-Disney Pinoy animators realized it was about time they show the world what they can do on their own.

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Monday, November 14, 2005
Green Day
The word "wicked" has always connoted malice and malevolence...something bad, ill, or naughty. Last Saturday, however, that word forever lost its original meaning and was eternally transformed in my personal glossary. From that day onwards, it will forever come to mean all things precious, heartfelt, sisterly, and generous. My "sisters", both of blood and of friendship, threw me a wickedly stupendous surprise birthday-slash-bridal shower party at my sister Miren's home in Parañaque...and yes, wide-eyed, gullible little me was very much taken by surpise. Haha! It was a kind of hybrid surprise, with a little bit of shock, bewilderment, delight and overwhelming joy all mixed in together. The theme, of course, was musical theater--with the musical "Wicked" taking centerstage, as seen in their invites (yes, there were actual invites!), poster, souvenirs, gifts, and even a Playbill-designed cake!!! And when I say surprise party, it was, indeed, a surprise party--complete with contrived phone calls and sudden detours and even people jumping out from behind a door shouting "Surprise!"

Hats off to dearest Peachy for masterminding the whole, complicated project...and for orchestrating the logistical nightmare that it must have been! In cahoots were my sisters Patty and Miren, with their daughters (my beautiful nieces!) Niña, Bianca and Meg, my college buddies Me-an and Halex, and good friends Ria and Gigi. Also present were my mom and sister-in-law Leah. My deepest gratitude to you all! You pulled off a major feat here. I can only hope you had as much fun planning and scheming behind my back as I had basking in the effects of your handiwork. Oh! And the fact that you got Rein involved in this whole Steel Magnolias-inspired fête was the most mind-boggling accomplishment of all! I know he can act. I wonder if this might potentially be a problem later on. Haha. And our poor, hypothetical "ninang", whom dear hubby made me believe we were supposed to meet that afternoon, is probably still wondering where we had wandered off to en route to her hypothetical house. Have yet to call her on her hypothetical phone and explain how I was waylaid on the way there and kidnapped by a coven of witches from Oz.

Check out the poster/invite!

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Birthday girl takes a shower...or shower girl blows a birthday...candle....uh...anyway, take note of the cake!

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Pretty girls all in a row...under a pretty umbrella...

Image hosted by

The Wizard and I...

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My posse!

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Love you guys! See you at the main event...
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Of brides and birthdays...

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Scenes From A Birthday
The best times I ever had in college were spent with these guys...

Here's to Pinoy food and Bibingka Souffle!

Amazingly "wicked" gifts! Oh, and yes, the wonderfully wrapped pink package was pretty amazing, too! Thanks, Me-an.... I am now an official zombie thanks to your spectacular gift, which is now the envy of every obssessed member of my family...

Thanks Me-an and Hail!!!! You were the best gifts of all this day...till the next one!
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