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Saturday, November 18, 2006
Beer, Anyone?
Yes, beer can be funny...and how! Enjoy...

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Carlton Draught - FLASHBEER!
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
TSOM Diary 3
I am so very tired. But happy. Survived my first weekend as Baroness Schraeder and finished two event scripts while I was at it.

My opening show was last Saturday morning, followed immediately by the matinee. I consider both shows my first and only dress-techs. I tried to forget that the audience out in the theater had paid for their tickets this time. Everything before that day had been a rehearsal. Haha.

I felt good about the first show, which I managed to breeze through without any hitches. The matinee, however, was a totally different story. First, the elegant baroness tripped slightly on the front step of the Von Trapp mansion. Then, in another scene, she nearly didn't make it through a quick change (the dressers weren't at their posts at the time), and found herself running frantically to the "terrace", in a formal gown, as if ravenous wolves were snapping at her heels. In spite of her panic, she breathlessly managed to stop Franz the butler from announcing dinner just in time to convince the Captain to let the children sing goodnight to the guests. Whew. That was a close one. Had I not made it in time, I would probably have been the one singing "So Long, Farewell". . . to the show! Haha.

My last show for the week was Sunday evening. That one, on the other hand, was an out-of-body experience from beginning to end. I don't know who was performing out there, but it sure didn't seem like me! Haha. Just goes to show how exciting live theater truly is. No two performances are ever the same.

P.S. I was called in for a pick-up rehearsal yesterday to stand in for Tita Joy (Virata) in the role of Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper. Hmmm, from a diva to a domestic! Such range! Haha...apparently, I will be playing her on the one day that Tita Joy can't. Scary, but exciting to be trusted with a new role. Also, was asked in advance to do the Evil Stepmother in next year's "Cinderella". Sounds like it might be fun. But that's still a long way away, so we'll see what happens till then.

It's Thursday today. A new weekend in Austria beckons. See you at the theatre!
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