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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Three Times A Lady
Tagged! by Ribbiticus

3 Names You Answer To
(there's more, but i'm sadly limited to three...)

3 Parts Of Your Heritage
-Spanish (Pajares, Avecilla)
-British (Gaskell)
-Goodness knows what (Nuyda)

3 Things That Scare You
-a roach's antennae peeking from behind furniture, pillows, etc.
-looking forward to a root canal
-the unknown

3 Everyday Essentials
-a good morning hug and kiss from my hubby
-checking my YM list to see who's online

3 Really Essential Everyday Essentials


3 Things You're Wearing
-a wedding ring
-white cotton undies
-a smile

3 Favorite Songs
-Lost Horizon -
Burt Bacharach
-Colors of the Wind) - Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz
-The Little Prince title song - Lerner & Loewe

3 Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeals To You

-athletic ability
(Aahhh...who am I kidding? CAR-acter, PESO-nality and a pair of good shoulders will do it for me every time! Hehe)

3 Things You Want In A Relationship
-mutual respect
-a bright future

3 Favorite Hobbies
-digging through piles of books at a book sale
-discovering rare oddities
-playing Klondike on my celfone

3 Things To Do Before You Die
-travel extensively all over Europe
-write that dang musical
-establish a sizeable inheritance for my children

3 Ways You're Stereotypically Female (or Male)
-i pore over home decorating magazines
-i love skirts (gee. . .who knew?)
-i like to sew (surprise! surprise!)

2 Truths & 1 Lie (in no particular order)
-i love dark chocolate
-i own a pair of Manolos
-i drive a car i named Brego

3 People You're Tagging

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