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Sunday, January 27, 2008
Samira's Grand Entrance

Hello world!

Here's our very first glimpse of beaut
iful Samira Gabrielle Kahn de la Peña! Isn't she perfect? I found myself staring in awe at this bundled-up beauty through the nursery window of St. Luke's hospital, with proud daddy Alvin beaming beside me and Rein.

New mommy Mitch -- exhausted, but strong and happy -- gave us a blow-by-blow account of the 12-hour journey that began when her water broke early last evening to the first time she laid eyes on her adorable daughter this morning.

I'm so proud of Mitch, who's been an amazing friend all these years. I can't count how many times we Trumpets girls imagined just such a moment, way back when we were single and had time on our hands between shows and rehearsals. And now that moment is here for her. What joy! And I'm really proud of Alvin, who has become everything we believed he could be and more. Sam-Sam is truly blessed to have such parents...and they are unbelievably blessed to have this lovely new gift from God in their lives.

CONGRATULATIONS to this fabulous new family!

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