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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Amazing Space
I've always known I was a geek, but I recently discovered that I am the worst kind -- the sappy geek.

Rein and I decided to check out the SM Discovery Science Center at the Mall of Asia the other day, and stood first in line at the Planetarium. While I could hear my dear husband gently snoozing beside me during the 30-minute NASA production entitled "The Search For Life: Are We Alone?", I stared up at the 180-degree dome screen and allowed myself to get lost in the wondrous tale of the universe, with its trillion suns, stars, planets, and even the possibility of finding life in some galaxy nearby, or far, far away.

As the camera moved fluidly from the depths of the earth and up into the starry, infinite vastness of space, tears suddenly sprang from my eyes unbidden! Surrounded by noisy, fidgety grade-schoolers on a field trip, my silent little bubble of emotion was a bit embarrassing. But there you have it -- outer space (and all its hidden realms and secrets) simply amazes me and leaves me speechless and overwhelmed, even when it's just experienced in a dark, 158-seat theater. I'm a sappy geek, what can you do?

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