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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
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For out of what we live and believe,
Our lives become the stories that we weave.
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Monday, June 27, 2005
Breadcrumb Beauties
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Exhibit A

Flashback to May 28. My Discovery Suites GC expires in 3 days and so I decide to invite Peachy to take part in my favorite pastime--spending the night in the comfort and luxury of a free deluxe suite of a nice hotel doing absolutely nothing. Well, not absolutely nothing. We were munching on some muffins from Delifrance (exhibit A) and scattering crumbs all over the nice, snuggly comforter while watching forgettable shows on cable or, as evidenced by above photo, posing for Peachy's camera (with timer, of course!). That's something, I guess.

If I remember correctly, I completely zonked out in the middle of a story Peachy was telling me (oops, sorry!) and when I woke up, my biggest dilemma was deciding whether to stay in bed longer or to try to make it to the breakfast buffet downstairs before it closed. It was a tough decision, believe me.

Seriously though, it has been a while since Peachy and I spent quality time (read: complete and total absence of worry and responsibility) together. The last time I stayed over was in the mid-90s, I think, before she got married. Cows, I believe, was the recurring theme of her room. There was also a computer, on which she had started to dabble in very basic graphic design. I was in between jobs. . .as usual. Haha. I don't even know if theater was already in my horizon by then. Gosh, that life is a zillion lightyears away.

Anyway, speaking of hotel suites, I spent almost an entire day today at Linden Suites (another memorable hotel--right, Rony?), room 2103. Facilitated a PR activity there for the 24 finalists of the CloseUp To Fame reality show. Got to know each of them a little better, especially Gino, the 22-year old new Stages discovery. Really nice kid-- I hope he makes it. Had to explain to him a little bit about the people managing him, though. The poor boy had absolutely no idea who Audie was! He was completely flabbergasted when I told him his manager and discoverer was not only a highly respected triple-threat musical theater star, but was even considered to be no less than the "king" of Philippine theater. Oh well, so much for fame.

Back to the present. I'm in my room in Capinpin. It's raining buckets outside, and Rein just hung up. I love the rain. . .from indoors, that is. The sound of its heavy drops pattering against my glass window is now lulling me to sleep. Goodnight world. . .

Bedside Reading: The Glass Menagerie
Bedside Snack: Ding Dong mixed nuts

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
“The one principle of hell is—“I am my own.” - George MacDonald

Many of us fall into the trap of “praying” to God, or--in some instances--to a nameless higher being, for the power to be one’s own source of strength whenever the world seems to be crashing all around us. To those that pray such a prayer, this I say: make sure you understand your prayer.

Human beings are not, by nature, solitary beings. We were not created to be alone. No matter how we fight it, we seek out other faces, other voices to sustain us, inspire us, to give meaning to our lives.

Like most of the resources of the natural world, our strengths and abilities are limited. We are not, and can never be, our own bottomless wellsprings of fortitude, or even creativity. The very fact that our flesh corrupts and “melts into the sun”, that our hearts fail, that fear somehow keeps looming at every turn, tells us that we cannot fill ourselves with just our own spirits. There is always a void. Always room for something, or Someone, to complete us. But no human being, ideology, religion or material thing can fulfill such a requirement. Only the Author and Finisher of our faith can do that.

To ask your “higher power” to make you your own saviour is futile. A benevolent god would never place his beloved child in such danger. If such a god does grant it, then think twice about who or what you are praying to!

Even when your flesh fails, and you are counting your last moments on earth, a true God will shake the very heavens to make sure your soul is intact; that it is complete.

Therefore, take care the words you say in prayer. If none of them leads to true salvation—yours or someone else’s—or expresses gratitude for your many blessings, then don’t say them at all. The power of our words is inestimable. And whenever we feel compelled to let our hurts color our prayers, remember that no one has the power to hurt us more than our own selves.

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