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Monday, April 02, 2007
A New Friend
Photo courtesy of Keira's mom

Rein made a new friend today. Stopping by to pick me up after work, he found himself "hi-jacked" by this little charmer, Unicorn Child's 6-month old baby girl and my goddaughter, Keira. Look closely and you'll see who (or what) Keira would rather befriend! Like the cuddly magpie that she is, Rein's shiny silver watch is all she cares about for the moment.

As a staple of my daily My Left Hand diet (I see her everyday at work), Keira occupies a considerable chunk of my dinnertable conversations with Rein. He hears all about every new event in her life--her latest word-sounds, her sweet little outfits, her ongoing battle with solid food, her mood swings, and even the amount of muscle power it takes to carry her for more than 5 minutes! Today, he happily experienced some of that for himself. . .with the aching muscles to prove it! Today also marks a milestone of sorts as it is the first time Rein has agreed to hold Keira -- or any baby this small, for that matter -- in his arms. Like many uninitiated males, he always felt like he would drop them if he tried. But as this photo shows, Rein looks like he could ably take on fatherhood himself one of these days.

I can't wait.
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  • At 11:52 PM, Blogger Joel R.

    Oh i'm sure you and rein will have your lil 'un soon enough, but in the meantime, have fun trying :D